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Friday, December 19, 2008

Parts and Pieces

Just go away?

By now I’m sure everyone has read the blog piece by Robert Weintraub ( that was made famous by David Poole on That’s and then spread to AOL. If not, it’s not a big deal. I can get you up to speed quickly. Weintraub say NASCAR should shut down because it is no longer relevant environmentally, technologically, economically or as entertainment. Clearly, this was a “stir the pot” piece intended to piss some people off while evoking some worth while discussion. Something, I know a little bit about. Good points can be made on both sides of the argument. What is more important to take from this discussion is that we are even actually having the discussion. Could you imagine a story like this being taking seriously only five years ago? Of course not, and yet, here we are. The world is going to continue moving forward and NASCAR needs to move forward with it or it will continue to face a growing number of Weintraubs who offer only complaints and no solutions.

Big Three

I am happy to hear that the Big Three are going to get a portion of the bridge loan they requested a few weeks ago. It is amazing to me how many people actually wanted to let the domestic auto manufacturers fail. I’m sure that they will get something additional when our new President takes office. For now, it’s important that we use this extra time to think about whom we are and what we stand for. Other countries stepped up and backed their auto industries right away, while Americans debated allowing a collapse. How will we ever compete in the global market if our companies have to compete against foreign manufacturers that get governmental subsidies? Once they come out, I think we should all show our support by purchasing a new Camaro, Volt or insert your preferred American cars here. Too bad nobody can get a loan right now.

Don’t do it!

Petty Enterprises is still on the verge of a merger with GEM. A message to the King, “Don’t do it!” If Petty Enterprise cuts a deal now they will never be the same. There is no going back. I’d rather see Petty Enterprises run a partial schedule as a one car team until the economy comes back. Hopefully, NASCAR realizes they need to cut costs, big time. In the future, once NASCAR trims the fat, the Petty’s will be able to compete again. A merger now will seal the fate of NASCAR’s most legendary team at their lowest point.

Belle Isle

The bad economy has taken another victim, the Detroit Belle Isle Grand Prix. I’ve been there the last two seasons since the race returned to the schedule. It is a beautiful venue that makes for a very fun day of racing. It’s sad to see they didn’t have the opportunity to keep the ball rolling. Hopefully, it will return in 2010.