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Monday, June 22, 2009

The King!

Congratulations to Richard Petty for making it back to victory lane! There is only one “King” and his team is winning again in NASCAR’s Cup Series.

The win is the first for Petty since 1999 with John Andretti (Martinsville, spring). These stories only happen, well, once a decade. I would have liked to hear the broadcast team make Petty more of the story. His name was mentioned a few times but not in a way that explained Petty’s struggles over the past decade. Richard Petty is NASCAR’s icon. He is our greatest driver and greatest representative and now he is winning again. This should have been the number one story for the final ten laps. Even a comparison of NASCAR, old and new, as NASCAR’s newest team owner, Tony Stewart tried to win himself. The double file restarts were great, but the human element is always the best story.

NASCAR is working to make changes in the sport to generate interest. But, missed opportunities like the Petty’s first win of the Century will continue to hold the sport back.