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Tuesday, July 7, 2009


The Kyle Busch vs. Tony Stewart finish at Daytona was everything fans had hoped for. Two stars battling to the checkered flag with one crossing the stripe like Stroker Ace. Afterwards, the main discussion was; how can we prevent this from happening? Answer: You don't! That is the type of finish that every Hollywood film about racing has sought to create. NASCAR must continue to strive to make the cars safer but not at the expense of great finishes. Saturday's result proves you can have both.

It would have been nice to hear Kyle's perspective on his final move. Hopefully, he will eventually get comfortable enough to speak his mind without putting himself in jeopardy. Until that happens, NASCAR fans will have to be happy with only half of the story.

Ralph Shaheen

Motor sports veteran, Ralph Shaheen did well in his first full week on TNT. While the circumstances are mysterious, he handled himself like a professional.

New Venture

Check out my new site The site will be the new home for "The Joe Castello Show". This new show will be different from my racing specific shows, covering all subject matter, including racing. It is available in 20-30 minute podcasts that are available for free on itunes.